Contributing Guide#

Any contributions to this repo are highly appreciated ✨.

This page contains information to help you get started with development on this project.



For information about development conventions, practices, and infrastructure, please see the executablebooks development guidelines.


Get the source code of this project using git:

git clone
cd sphinx-jupyterbook-latex

Install all the dependencies of this project, including packages for coding style and testing using:

pip install -e .[code_style,testing]

Unit Testing#

We use pytest for testing, pytest-regression to regenerate expected outcomes of test, and pytest-cov for checking coverage.

To run all tests:


To run tests with coverage and an html coverage report:

pytest --cov=sphinx_jupyterbook_latex --cov-report=html

You can also run tests in a controlled environment using tox

tox -e py38-sphinx4

Coding Style#

The consistency and code style in this project is enforced with multiple automated pre-commit hooks.

To set up please run:

pre-commit install
pre-commit run --all